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  • this community is friends-locked by default (to protect bandwidth) - this means you'll have to actually join if you want to be able to see the entries

  • use sites like or for sharing your files (unless you have your own webspace and don't mind providing both space and bandwidth)

  • comment when you download a file, especially if it's not a YSI or MU link, so the owner of the webspace knows how many people are actually taking their stuff

  • credit where credit is due - as long as you know who made/originally provided the file you're sharing

  • do not share links outside of this community unless the person who provided them has stated otherwise

  • though the main focus is on videos, feel free to share other media as well, such as pictures (promo and on-set shots, movie stills - preferably high-res, etc.) and mp3s

  • icon posts are allowed, as long as they're meeting the requirements specified in this entry(only visible for members - check back once you've joined)

  • hotlinking will not be tolerated and anybody who tries will be banned as soon as they're identified. Busted hotlinkers so far:
    just_chiara, msasl, pointyes, beruthielfrodo

  • hotlinking - what it is, what damage it causes and how to prevent it, by eyesthatslay

  • this community is for media only; for posting of news, reviews etc. please use either wranglers or gay_cowboys

  • when offering media, do not link back to entries outside of bbm_media; i.e. all download links and the like must be included in your post to the community

  • we are aware that the movie has leaked to the internet, but if you're thinking of joining this community to ask for it/ get it, you may want to look somewhere else. The movie, clips from the movie and screen caps will not be allowed here as this could cause us to be shut down.

The community's banner was made by onempty, fenci provided the default icon. Thank you, ladies!


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